About Archery Tracker

Wouldn’t it be great to analyze my shots without having to buy expensive motion capture systems? Is there an easier way to analyze my shots right on the shooting line? with Archery Tracker, we have answered those questions.

Archery Tracker is the easiest way to track your archery training, Just install the app and start shooting like normal. It captures your shots and other data that helps you improve your training.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why using Archery Tracker?
Have you ever opened workout app on your Apple Watch only to find it’s missing Archery? We saw that as an opportunity to make the ultimate archery training tracker for Apple Watch. Archery Tracker is the only app on the App Store that turns your Apple Watch to a shot tracking device, by detecting your releases, the app counts every shot with great analysis info that you can later review and improve your technique and training.

How does it work?
Archery Tracker relies on Apple Watch sensors to detect and analyze your shots. It’s build on top of Apple Health so it’s almost like you’re using the missing archery workout that Apple missed to include in watchOS.

How about accuracy?
The Apple Watch sensors are fast, providing sampling of up to 100Hz.

Is it Free?
Archery Tracker is free for the first 10 shots. If you find the app working well, you can upgrade for only $9.99 to remove the limitation and help us build great features!

Will you make an Android version?
Archery Tracker relies on Apple Watch and there’s no way to pair an Apple Watch with Android.